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The Lost Aquarian: The Aquarian Age Chronicles: The Lost Aquarian, #1

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With the coming of the new of Aquarian Age, many followers of the Pisces Age desire to retain the rule. The Light Corporation Group searches for the prophesy of the ones who would destroy them. A young teenage girl who becomes seer and falls to obscurity as she must stay hidden from the Light Corporation with her knowledge. As they continue to search, the guardian of the Aquarian Age, Aquarius foresees the child that would help his cause and tries to protect Skipper. Time passes and teenage Skipper's powers begin to grow. Aquarius reaches out to Skipper and tries to convince him to join his cause of protecting Earth from the ones who wish to destroy it. He reveals to Skipper that there is a celestial war is going on, for other zodiacs are threatened with Pisces wanting to stay in power.

Pisces' followers strongly desire to continue to keep the Pisces Age in tact.  Aquarian and Pisces wage war with one another. Many other dark tidings come from fate and destiny that are wrapped within the timeline of galaxy against Aquarius and Pisces. Skipper has conflicting issues with his power and himself. He tries to find balance in his power, yet can't get a grasp on it. Skipper begins to see that he must choose a side to stand with Aquarius or Pisces. A teenage girl named Raven comes to his school and teaches him how to use his power, so it doesn't overpower him.The Light Corporation set out to find Skipper as he draws their attention. Skipper soon learns to control his power with the help of Raven, but other things come to the surface who are connected to him. Skipper makes a final decision to step into the Aquarian Age to fight.

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