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The Find

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The Find, in a sense, is a twisted telling of the Great Flood, and a frightening study of religion, or more importantly, the lack thereof. What if everything we had accepted as "truth" no longer existed? Could mankind endure without religion? And what if that "truth" was replaced by an unthinkable evil?
The story unfolds when two archeological siblings mistakingly unearth a mysterious text. When a world-renowned linguist is called in to investigate, he soon discovers the text holds within its dark pages, the fate of all human kind. The Holy Bible, the very essence of our existence for thousands and thousands of years is refuted, and all of the foreboding evils within the dark pages of the found text insidiously begin to present themselves in the shape of an unlikely entity: a creature that has lived amongst us since the dawn of creation and is solely responsible for our very existence. To make matters worse, it is comprised of an element we cannot live without - dihydrogen monoxide (H2O).
The story is told through the eyes of a very special seven-year-old little girl by the name of Christy. Christy struggles to understand her unique powers of extra sensory perception, as she tries to convince her loved ones of the impending threats intruding on the quiet God-fearing town of Divinity. The story revolves around Christy and an old rustic church, in which a seemingly pleasant Sunday morning mass goes horribly wrong. The story also chronicles several characters' terrifying struggles of faith and survival, in the midst of a total global extermination.
The Find reads like a true thriller, in the sense that it is fast paced, suspenseful, and riveting. It is a heartfelt story of hope, love, and human nature in the face of utter despair, the likes of which will be compelling and controversial to believers, atheists, agnostics, nihilists, and optimists alike.

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