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A Santa to Love

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A Santa to Love is a special treat by Linzi and Isabel for a cold Christmas Eve. These short novellas will tantalize your senses as you share the hot, sexy, and exciting journey of the lovers who found each other with the added magic of Christmas.

Her Santa Dom: Shows us that love lurks in the strangest places and a man’s heart, especially one wearing a red Santa suit isn’t something to toy with.

Bailey has been a good girl forever. Smart, sexy and successful, she always puts work ahead of play. Until her best friend Lucy decides to enliven things up this Christmas. Which certainly explains the scanty clothes, a BDSM club, expensive auction bids and questionable purchases.

There can be no buyer’s remorse as both the girls are swept off their feet and into a night filled with debauchery with their very own Santa Doms. Things only escalate from there.

This Christmas, Bailey is destined to meet her match. It doesn’t matter if she’s been a good girl.

Santa is gonna be bad enough for both of them.

Editor’s note: “If you read this book, you’re definitely ending up in Santa’s naughty list. But what a way to go!”

Santa’s Kiss: This novella will tantalize your senses as you share the hot, sexy, and exciting journey of two lovers who had been travelling in opposite directions for too long.

A hunky Santa.
One little elf.
An incredibly sexy one-night stand . . . or was it?

Avery Blain is a partner in a successful catering company who is thought of by the people around her as being smart, steady, and responsible—a person who makes good decisions. What few people know is that Avery has a wild passionate side which she rarely allows out of its cage to play. Overbooking by her partners forces Avery to work a corporate party on Christmas eve for a large company run by the type of men she tries to avoid—rich, handsome, and powerful men who are accustomed to getting what they want.

Editor’s Notes:
“If this holiday season story doesn’t make you emotional . . . you need to check to see if you still have a pulse.”
“This is one Santa story you will definitely have to keep hidden from the kids.”

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