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Needle Ash Book 2: Twilight's Memory: Needle Ash, #2

129 pages1 hour


The King is slain, and Prince Michael must not only find the mysterious killers, but find out who is at the heart of the plot to sabotage peace between rival nations Ferralla and Artalland. Nothing adds up, except the knowledge that the assassins came from a realm beyond normal reality.

Aided by friend and bodyguard Sharona, a powerful but enigmatic mage, Michael must find a way to reach the assassins, in a world of twilight hidden past normal sight, but even as he finds his path, his confidence in who is his ally and who is his enemy becomes confused.

Needle Ash's second installment, Twilight's Memory, picks up where the first left off, sure to please fans of classic fantasy with a fast-paced plot and strong characters.

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