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Caught in Between: The Caught Series, #1

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Dax Kaplan thought she was just an empty-headed bimbo that his best friends discovered in the lost and found box at the discarded actress’s theater. He was livid when he found that the plan was for her to be his bodyguard by posing as his undercover fiancée during the WGS Championship. A woman? Protecting him? How, by throwing her ridiculous high-heels the bad guys?

Venita Baxter’s opinion of Dax wasn’t much better. She thought he was a chauvinistic pig and a self-absorbed pretty boy. She made it clear that she would rather swim across a river filled with alligators than to play his fiancée.

Neither, however, could deny the instant chemistry that drew them together, despite struggling to keep their distance from one another. A difficult feat, considering they were thrown together 24/7. Waking up with the delectably hot woman draped over him proved to be too much temptation to handle and soon enough both forgot that their engagement was only pretend.

Reality intervened when Dax’s fiancée arrived. Venita did the only thing she could to maintain her sanity…she disappeared.

Could Dax help her to face her own uncertainties and emotions? Do they get their happily ever after?

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