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Astrology of Health: Physical and Psychological Health in the Natal and Progressed Chart

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Based on his successful Health Astrology course, Noel Eastwood's "Astrology of Health" is a highly insightful, practical and accessible work. Discover how elemental dominance manifests in our psyche and our body; how Planets, Signs, and Houses correspond to potential problem areas and how our mental and physical health can be affected by transits, directions and progressions. 

Examines chart after chart highlighting the physical and psychological health conflicts between Planets, Signs, and Houses. Learn how to see health problems in a chart before it manifests.

No traditionally trained Tibetan healer would prepare a herbal prescription for a patient without first drawing up their astrological charts. It was the same back in the Middle Ages in European culture: astrology and medicine were one.

The five year Degree in Traditional Tibetan Medicine or the Degree of Traditional Tibetan Astrology, was required before a healer was permitted to practice. Thirty percent of the staff at the Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Dharamsala were involved solely in the preparation of astrological charts. A patient's natal chart is still used for initial diagnosis and in determining the best medical remedies and treatment.

A work of love and one that he now passes on to those astrologers and healers who wish to know a little more of the link between astrology and health. As a practicing psychologist he has tried to tone down his bias towards psychological health in the charts, but as a healer, he recognises just how important the link between mind and body truly is. The lively conversational format will both entertain and enlighten you. 

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