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Hunting His Omega: MM Alpha Omega Fated Mates Mpreg Shifter

29 pages23 minutes



I’m a werewolf. An expert tracker with a photographic memory and a nose to match. I make my living tracking townsfolk and their wayward animals. It pays the bills.

Arthur was just another local who’d gone missing. Happens all the time.

But something was different. Something I couldn’t quite put my nose on…


I love picking herbs! Omega Father was sick and needed some healing herbs. I knew exactly where the best ones were, too. I’d get him back to health in no time. It gave me a chance to get out and smell the roses.

But a terrible thunderstorm forced me into a dark, dank cave. With no food, water or heat, I quickly descended into madness.

If it wasn’t for Jordan literally going into the depths of Hades itself to rescue me, I wouldn’t be here. I owe him my life. And my babies.

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