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Trust in Dreams

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Though exhausted from months of overwork, Dr. Elizabeth Reynolds responds immediately when she’s asked to check on a fellow hotel guest with a migraine. In her professional, such requests aren’t unusual.

What is unusual is waking up to find herself living her secret dream—passion with a man she doesn’t know. Worse, he’s the last kind of man she’d ever trust again. An actor.

Chris Grant has more secrets than a mystery script, including a yearning to find someone who’ll love him for himself, not his fame and fortune. When an angelic woman turns up in his bed after another of his debilitating migraines, for an instant he thinks he’s found her.

Except the woman of his dreams avoids actors like the plague. And before he knows it, she’s run back home to her safe life, determined to refocus on her career. If Chris is to win her heart, he’ll have to reveal his deepest secret, and pray she’ll see it as a sign they are meant for each other—and not a betrayal.

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