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Fat For Menopause

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Fat For Menopause

Length: 282 pages3 hours


Menopause isn't an illness, although medicine and media have worked hard to convince women that it is. What is the history behind our negative perception of menopause? If it is not an uncomfortable threat to women's health, what is it really? Fat For Menopause answers these questions, and offers natural solutions to the main symptoms that send many women to their doctors for help. A medical history from a feminist perspective, Fat For Menopause explains how the drugs prescribed to treat menopausal symptoms were developed, their side-effects, why they don't work, and how the medical and pharmaceutical industry have historically marketed products that damage the female endocrine system, simply because a woman’s health has always been associated with her reproductive cycle. Fat For Menopause also provides a simple and empowering protocol so you, a woman of any age, can take back control of your health by balancing your endocrine system in the simplest way possible — eating enough of what your endocrine system needs to make all of your hormones — healthy fat.

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