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Zombie Mistletoe

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Whiteboot is a ruthless pirate of the Anzerik Empire, and a hopeless treasure hunter around the world. Stationed in a kingdom that turns a blind eye to seafaring bandits, his crew is often lacking in gold, and often stuck with desperate and dangerous jobs.

Empress Noella believes the captain can procure a prized item from Castle Graystone, the seat of their nearby enemy, the Broke Kingdom. With order in hand, Whiteboot sets sail to get a big payday before the X-Mess holiday.

Upon arriving at their destination, the pirates are met with a new danger. The night is cold, the moon is high, and the creeps are crawling at their boots, as the pirates make a desperate attempt to get into the castle.

Zombie Mistletoe is a short story of about 5,500 words, with depictions of dismembered body parts, and may be suitable for ghouls with a bone to itch for the undead!

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