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The Curse of: Original Sin

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Is the Garden of Eden a myth? Was it a story added to the Bible to give the human race a starting point and explain creation? What about the science of evolution, how does that fit in? These are all important questions that will be considered in this release called The Curse of Original Sin.

In Rick Manna's fifth release he exposes how the curse of Original Sin is still alive and creating chaos in all of our lives. In this eye-opener, you will discover how every man, woman, and child shows the symptoms of Original sin in their lives including our own. The good news is this curse can also be alleviated temporarily through a specific process using God's Word. Once completed we can again experience the reality of God's Eden on earth! Communion with Him and humankind is the natural result.

The shocker in this release is how Original sin was physically manifested in our bodies as well!

Prepare for a journey into the curse and the liberation from our inherited burden known as Original Sin.

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