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När du föds

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Csilla, the heroine of the novel, has toyed with the idea of becoming a mother many times. And yet, the abyss between her wishes and reality widens with time. Unexpected turns of events, spells of uncertainty, looking for her real aim in life – these act as so many impediments preventing her from making a decision. She knows in her heart that her as yet unborn child is waiting for her somewhere, and she records her thoughts and feelings in letters addressed to it. She shares her wavering emotions about having a child with disarming honesty – feelings that most would-be mothers share with her but are reluctant to admit, even to themselves. Though they are meant for the baby waiting in Csilla’s imagination, these letters hold a mirror up to the reader. Every man and woman waiting for a child, every would be parent who understand the real values of the parental role, will recognize themselves as they read, while those who are bringing up children will feel a sense of relief knowing that they are not alone with their fears and doubts.

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