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11th Hour Rose

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U.S. Marshal David Langston never planned to fall in love again. A graduate of West Point and former General in the Confederate Army, he wants nothing more than to move west, leave memories of loss behind, and put his honed skills to work as a government Indian agent. But when women start turning up dead in Charleston, his plans must be delayed.

As the only daughter of the widowed town sheriff, Lillian Hudson has grown up around the law. With her father’s encouragement, she’s spent years educating herself as an attorney and assisting in his work. Local society, however, is not ready for a woman lawyer, and the infuriating Marshal Langston is at the forefront of her naysayers.

Lilly Hudson is a thorn in David’s side. Bossy... stubborn... she perpetually sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong. When the unthinkable happens and Lilly falls into a serial killer’s sights, she has no qualms about seizing the opportunity and using herself as bait to catch the murderer. Tormented by memories of his late wife, David will hear none of it and vows to stop at nothing to keep her safe. As the dire situation unfolds, the pair become unlikely friends and attraction flares despite their tendency to clash.

Will David see Lilly for the strong, capable woman she is before it’s too late? Or will hopes of finding his way to her loving arms be forever dashed by a madman on the loose?

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