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Guardians of the Universe Episode Two

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This book is the second series of comic book. This book is a story continues when every alien space ship starts to locate populated areas to deploy their troops and destroy military bases. Every nation launch their mass destruction missile on every alien ship but aliens teleport all missile back to them. Another group of women came out of this portal. They are trying to contact the first group that have arrive at Terra Caeru. Every nation in this world gather to discuss an alliance against these invaders. Soldiers and their military weapons try to kill as many invaders they can. These invaders regenerate any damage parts of their body. Every aircraft shoots any alien space ship but they have protected shield. These second group of women kill any invader they encounter. These nation have decided that they need to join forces with these women from other worlds. They have decided that they need more reinforcement. One of the women went back to the portal to call for reinforcement.

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