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Science Bible - Subjugation: Science Bible, #1

185 pages2 hours


(Book 1 of 3) This is a metaphysical sci-fi story. New Edition 8th August 2018.

It is the middle of the 21st century and behind the façade of everyday life, there lurks another meaning.  The Professor thinks it is a controlling force hacking the very control centre of the human mind.

When Raith has a peculiar experience on a routine space mission, he undergoes a thorough medical examination.  There are strange elements of memory existing in his mind.  Does this relate to his strange encounter?

Meanwhile, the Professor's organization under his guidance still pursues his controversial agenda.  They launch a test to verify it.  

This is the first book in the series; it is a 'must read' to understand the complex nature of the characters for succeeding books.

This book is written in UK English.

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