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The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen

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Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life in the Glen, the Imaginaeries are also busy getting ready for The Ball – a glittery event that takes place at the first new moon after the leaves have fallen. But will PESCOM come to the party?

Ivy Lion makes Gogo Gaia very angry when she experiments with colour and Winona Wurm’s mischievous pets are given the ultimate warning at the Moonlight Meeting. Marigold discovers that not everybody is sunshine-flavoured. Madame Shews, the snooty French shoe designer is up to something for sure and the Bollywoggles are keeping an eye on her. Mor-a-Bella escaped from a cabbage bog in the Eastern Cape but is life going to be any better in the Glen?
Will Pete the Publisher ever perfect his environmentally friendly newspaper? Can Granny Catty convince Mr Grumpy Pants to stop being a hermit and accompany her to The Ball? How will Bella Dew manage without her mystic mirror?

Meanwhile things keep disappearing... could there be a thief in the Glen?

The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen is a whimsical, modern day, fairy story set in a real place, the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, in Pretoria, South Africa. This reserve really does have a magic all of its own. A must read for anybody who likes fairy stories.

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