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The Unauthorised Madonna Autobiography: Test Samples Ghostwritten with Artificial Intelligence

74 pages45 minutes


The lack of an autobiography from one of the greatest figures in popular entertainment opens up a tantalising gap for technology to fill.
Machine intelligence is ideally suited to ghostwriting. Vast quantities of data are digested every day in order to deliver audiences over to performers—why not reverse this to deliver performers to their fans?
The samples in this small book were taken from test runs conducted while developing the code for creating the finished work. Curated source material was cut into slivers—some as small as one word—then recombined into new narratives by using artificial intelligence. This output was then edited by hand in sympathy with its apparent direction.
The Madonna you’ll find here is a genetically spliced chimera. The introductory chapter alludes to her early life, her career, and the philosophy that drives her. The sample chapters that follow are chronological accounts that meander seamlessly between what’s unmistakably her and what could be her in an alternative reality.
If you’re buying this book as a gift, bear in mind that there are adult themes and language.

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