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Enslave Me!: A Dark Fantasy

31 pages26 minutes


My name is Chloe and the next two weeks are going to break me!

I fought him in court and lost in spectacular fashion, he was going to make me pay.

I tried to seduce my way out but that only pissed him off even more.

Now he wants me to pay with my body.

The court orders me to serve him as my Master in his mansion for two weeks.

If he thinks I will become his slave, he has another thing coming.

He has threatened to restrict my breathing.

He has threatened to bend me over and break my a** wide open on his private cameras.

He has threatened to pinch, torture and burn my very intimate parts.

If he thinks he is going to control me, punish me and own me , he has another thing coming.

I will break him before he breaks me......

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