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The World of Your Ancestors - Dates - 1980 - 2017: 6 of 6

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A Book for the Curious,

Amateur and Serious Genealogists

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About the Past?

Yesterday is now the past.  This is volume six of THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - 1980 - 2017.  Times can go quickly but you can turn back the clock to see what happened in the past.  If you are curious, you can see what the world was like when you were born or your parents and grandparents.

Do you need a birthday or anniversary gift?  Are you on a school reunion committee or attending one? 

Choose a date or year in time.  See key people, what things costs or if you favorite sports team is winning.  What books, Broadway plays or movies are popular?  Who are the top entertainers or sports figures?

You can find the answers and more in this series.  The author shares current events and other data in many topic areas like populations, inventions, books and television programs.

It lets readers enjoy a mini tour into their own yesterdays.  See what you remember.  See what you have forgotten.  Genealogists can do further research or use data to start a conversation with relatives.  Life is unpredictable so do ask questions now, do not wait.

Remembering the past can be fun.  Learning about a time before you were born can be exciting.  Seeing what happened, even in 2017, that you were not aware of can be eye opening.  THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTOR’S - DATES gives you a chance to get more information on how life was.  See what is different.  See what has not changed.   You may be thinking, “I know that song? Or “I forgot about that” or I didn’t know that?

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