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Resonance of Heroes: The 2016 & 2017 Resonance Saga Collection

710 pages9 hours


A world of resonance erupts with people who have powers over oddly specific domains. Meet Miles Emmerson, A.K.A. Short Change, a pint sized super hero with the ability to manipulate small units of currency. Miles isn’t the only resonance user in town, though. Together, he and his allies strike back at Savage Steel and the dark figures who abuse their powers and wreak havoc across the globe in a series that spans generations. Once the tale of Magnanimous comes to a close, a new era dawns on an unsuspecting earth. Riots, powers and a secretive organization threaten to pull apart everything Miles had brought together. Is the world ready for the new dawn of resonance? This collection contains the final works of Magnanimous as well as the Days of Resonance series and all pertaining side stories to either series.

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