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Because Self-Publishing Works: Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book: Because Self-Publishing Works, #2

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Make your self-publishing business more successful. Stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a solid plan to grow your business.

For many authors, marketing a book takes a lot of time and yields little or no improvement in sales. Getting your book noticed can feel like an impossible task. Sales surges can disappear as quickly as they arrive. But the result of doing nothing is even more disappointing. Caught in this cycle, most authors end up chasing after reviews, doing a few author interviews or throwing money at sporadic promotions in hopes of selling a few more books.

Do Not Read This Book If You Are Not Ready To Invest Your Time, Money And Effort

In this book, I take fundamental marketing principles and apply them to marketing self-published books. I will walk you through building a marketing plan that maps out your own complete and actionable steps to get substantial and sustainable results for your self-publishing business.

Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced author, this book is the easiest and fastest way to create a marketing plan that will boost your business growth.

You will discover in this new radical book:

Why "getting your name out there" is often a losing strategy
Why short-term tactics don't produce consistent sales
How to develop your own actionable marketing plan
How to position your books for maximum discoverability
How to apply marketing tactics effectively
How to create a system that brings in a constant stream of ideal readers
How to increase your readership by getting your book into libraries
How to craft compelling messages and ads.

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