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Where Bluebirds Fly

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“If you keep dead quiet, don’t say a word and don’t even breathe, no one knows what you know. And then you can just get on with your life again and all the bits that hurt, you just put them in a box in your brain and throw away the key.”

Something bad has happened in Ruby's past, except that she would rather not think about it, and she definitely won't talk about it. She clings instead to her collection of rocks and stones which remind her of Nanna, her garden, and happier times.

When she is sent to live in a residential school for girls with emotional problems, meeting Pearl forces Ruby to remember the very thing she was trying to forget. But with remembering comes the shocking revelation that Pearl might be more than a friend.

Where Bluebirds Fly is a moving story about making friends with your enemy, dumping your past, and daring to hope.

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