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Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Box Set (Books 4-6)

596 pages8 hours


Missionary kid Kennedy’s second year of college is filled with even more suspense, danger, and page-turning excitement than the first.

Back on campus at Harvard University, Kennedy finds herself enmeshed in a murder investigation when the son of a conservative politician comes out as gay. Tensions fly even higher when Kennedy hops on a plane bound to Alaska for Christmas break - a plane that might never reach its destination. And just when she’s ready for a respite from all the terror and trauma, she’s trapped in the middle of a hospital lockdown during a global epidemic.

Through it all, Kennedy learns to cling to her faith in God and let go of some of her previously held notions about what it means to be a fruit-bearing Christian in contemporary society.

The Kennedy Stern Christian suspense series tackles controversial issues facing the church today and brings them to light in a way that encourages questions and fosters discussions without ever turning preachy or heavy-handed. Find out why readers from all denominations, all walks of life, and all sides of the political spectrum are devouring this thought-provoking series from edgy Christian fiction author Alana Terry, who has won awards from Women of Faith, Grace Awards, The Book Club Network, Readers’ Favorite, and many others.

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