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Now is the time to lift yourself to the next level - physically, emotionally and spiritually. ‘Instead’ will open your eyes to the seven everyday toxic encounters that hold you back and the nutrients you mistakenly forego. It will give you the tools to recognise what is true for you, and suggest the seemingly insignificant choices that can change you and the world.

It will help you to develop your sense of intuition and discernment and their application in recognizing truth and fiction; it will explain the importance of your toxicity threshold and the relevance of synergy, multiple consumption routes, and cumulative effects. It will help you to recognise misinformation and manufactured doubt, to disregard the powerful epithet, and to drain away background fear.

It will look in detail at seven main areas: food and drink, medicines and cosmetics, air pollution, electro-magnetic fields, music, media, and education, inviting you to reduce, replace, or refuse some elements in these areas and embrace others.

‘Instead’ offers a holistic detox protocol operating on the mind, the body and the spirit. The realizations and perceptions are instant, together with the lift in spirits they entrain. The carry-through to the physical takes two or three weeks.

‘Instead’ is published as an eBook to allow the reader to follow the dozens of links to sources, web sites and documentaries. It is truly an eye-opener.

(It is currently the only book by this author.)

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