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Principles For Discovering Meaning In Life And Work

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To create a life of purpose, we must first love ourselves, because only then can our actions come from the heart. And when your actions come from the heart, you see clearly, feel strong, and are sure of your choices. Whether you believe what’s happened in your life is your fault or not, you must be gentle with and forgive yourself. It serves no one, especially not you, if you don’t “talk” to yourself lovingly.
Find a role model. If you're having a hard time seeing your way out of a situation, try modeling your behavior after someone else who's faced adversity. Not only can this give you a good dose of perspective, it might inspire you to be more courageous.
Look for a role model among people you already know. If you feel comfortable enough, consider asking them how they dealt with situations that required bravery. Read about brave historical figures. Look up the life stories of people who are renowned for facing adversity with bravery, such as Theodore Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman or Joan of Arc, freedom fighters.
Practice accepting uncertainty. Uncertainty is the source of many fears. However, you can learn to tolerate uncertainty by gradually working it into your daily experience. This will increase your confidence and ability to handle uncertain situations, which will allow you to act with bravery.
“Intolerance of uncertainty” causes a lot of anxiety. You may find it hard to accept that something negative may happen in a situation. You may overestimate the risks of a situation or avoid acting because you are worried about the consequences. These and others relevant facts will be revealed to you as you read this life changing book.

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