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One in a Million Dance

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Daniel Wright is running out of time to meet the requirements and become eligible to receive his inheritance because he is not ready to tie the knot. So when he is invited by his friend to a company party, he accepts the invitation, hoping to meet a woman who would be willing to enter into a marriage contract with him. Just when he thought it was another failed attempt, Amelia Michaels makes her grand entrance. He makes his proposition to her weeks after meeting her when he is dealt a trump card.
Amelia Michaels is not immune to the charm of the man she met at her company’s party but she is recovering from heartbreak and not willing to take a chance at another. When he makes her an offer after losing her job, it is one she cannot turn down. Then she learns of his betrayal and is left with no choice but to leave town and hope she never have to see him again. To her surprise, she finds out that she had formed a lifelong bond with him and when fate turns against her and sends him back into her life, she can’t escape him this time around.

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