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The Language Of God

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I have watched Christians give their lives to Jesus but then they go ahead to submit themselves to a religious system. Who is Jesus — a religious system or a person? I have watched people sincerely desiring to know God but then they end up knowing a religious tradition. All that the pastor teaches them is Christianity and its traditions as passed down by the fathers. This is because all that the pastor learnt in the Bible school are the traditions that has accumulated over a long period of time in this thing called Christianity. The Bible is use as a tool to support dogmatic tradition. Who then is God — a tradition, a doctrine, a force that we can coax to work in our favor or a personality? Many Christians would agree that God is a personality but they do not approach Him like a personality.
We approach God like some kind of force, a non living thing that when manipulated rightly would produce that which we desire. We have come to God with a mind of a scientist conducting an experiment with some elements in order to get a desire result. God's becomes that element we try to manipulate to get what we desire. Christianity becomes something like a scientific institution with many scientists and scientists in training busy with the elements of God trying to manipulate it and get what they desire. But God is a person and He desire relationship. Haven't you heard the saying “it's all about relationships“? God is not some kind of force to be manipulated but a personality that desire relationship.
We would agree that He is a person and He is our Father but we go ahead and assume that a father-son relationship is all about, "give me dad, give me dad, I need this and that, do this for me now!" We just want to come, take and go. We don't care about the Father we don't care about what He wants, we just want to take. We've turned the Father into a giving machine. No, He is alive and He has a heart. Who cares enough to want to know what is in the heart of the Father? Who cares enough to want to know the personality of the Father, not with the aim to manipulate Him but just for the sake of relationship? Who would say I want nothing but to enjoy this father-son relationship with God? To walk with the Father, spend time with Him and simply enjoy being with Him.
This book teaches pray but not as a way of coaxing God to get what you desire from Him. Instead this book teaches prayer as entering and enjoying intimacy with the Father. The cry of every son is to enjoy what it means to have a Father — a Father who would be a role model and a mentor. Every son desire a Father who would walk with him and teach him life.
"the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does." (John 5:19-20).
This is the desire of every son, to have the Father show him all that He is doing and to imitate the Father. This is how the son learn of the Father and grow in the nature of the Father. Are you a Christian, are you a son? If yes then I'm sure you desire to see the Father and imitate Him. Read this book with an open heart, take your time, read it more than once, let it transform your perception of God and I promise you, you are on your way to walking so close with the Father that He shows you everything He is doing and teaches you to walk like Him.

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