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Fair and Square: D.C. Knights, #4

296 pages4 hours


Five Monuments, Five Guys, Five Kisses for the win...

Except Liz doesn’t have time for any games.

Lizbeth Crandall’s whole career has been spent working toward one goal—to be the US Ambassador to China. When the handsome Curt Wu suddenly takes over for a trusted co-worker, she decides a little fun in the sack with a hunky guy won’t tank her plans. It’s lust at first sight that quickly shifts into more.

Curt is everything Liz has ever looked for in a man—smart, intelligent, chivalrous—and yet, there's something about his unexpected appearance that doesn't quite add up. As Lizbeth digs into his history, she learns he is not who he appears to be.

When she uncovers the truth about Curt, Lizbeth has to make huge sacrifices in the pursuit of true love.

If you love strong women, good men, super steamy sex, and a little bit of suspense, you’ll love this full length romance!

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