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Kissed By Flames: Hidden Realms of Silver Lake, #3

258 pages3 hours


Can Destiny overcome distrust?

Lily Harper needs protection—a lot of it. Just her rotten luck, some crazy human trafficking Lord wants her for himself. If that doesn't bite the big one, Lily ends up with Birk, a dragon shifter, as her bodyguard. Her last boyfriend was a dragon and that was a total disaster. That makes Birk definitely off limits. Too bad because his teal eyes, that glorious body of his, and his tender touch, really light her fire.

The moment Birk sets eyes on the beautiful Lily, his inner dragon starts scratching and clawing to take her as his mate. But holy crap—every time she's near, she pulls away from him, clearly fighting her feelings. She's going to be a real challenge, but as sure as he is a Guardian, he will not let this human’s emotions win, especially when it involves his heart.

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