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Suffering: The Iron Eagle Series: Book Nineteen

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“Your lives aren’t that sacred to the church or God.”

In the San Fernando Valley, the Spirit Group Home welcomes displaced children and teens awaiting adoption or placement with foster families. Andre and Kendra, a former priest and nun, ensure that all the children’s needs are met, until one dreadful night when a young girl in their care mysteriously dies. What appears at first to be a death due to natural causes, in fact, becomes a homicide. While former Sheriff of Los Angeles County Jim O’Brian grieves over the sudden loss of his wife, he must also face his former abuser, now an esteemed cardinal, as the case unfolds, revealing a deeply disturbing secret with a connection to the church.

Inside flap:
Andre Grain and Kendra Hopkins operate the Spirit Group Home in the San Fernando Valley. Theirs is a charitable mission, at least on the façade, aimed at helping young children and teens awaiting adoption or temporary homes with foster families. When young Helen Chu dies while under their care, the sheriff’s department and FBI take on the case, and the wrongdoings begin to amass. Former sheriff Jim O’Brian must balance grieving for his wife and catching a killer with potential ties to the Catholic Church. Where religion goes, the Iron Eagle must follow, and a deeper, more disturbing practice is where children know only harm and suffering.


***Content Warning: While the Iron Eagle Series can be read out of order as a stand-alone novel, the reader should be advised that backgrounds and details of the characters may be confusing if the reader choose to do so, as this series has a natural maturation. The Iron Eagle Crime novel series contains mature subject matter, graphic violence, sexual content, language, torture and other scenes and subject matter that may be disturbing to sensitive readers. This series is not intended for anyone under the age of eighteen, reader discretion is advised.***

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