The Storm: Barren Trilogy, #2

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The Storm: Barren Trilogy, #2

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 200 pages3 hours


Laney and her friends have survived 6 days into the apocalypse and have made it back to their Arizona hometown—but now ferocious dust storms are threatening their lives. Without a working vehicle, Laney must think of a way to help their group of nine escape to the eastern side of the country, to where her father might still be alive. Even though she's promised to stick with her friends and not give up hope, Laney knows better - not all of them are likely to survive the journey and she may once again have to face the loss of someone she cares about. And worst of all, as the new leader of her group, another loss will be her fault, her worst nightmare.

But as Laney leads her friends from Colton and out into the new world, she finds out the storms are not her only enemy. Other survivors are, too, and kindness no longer exists. Worst of all, an old enemy might have survived a bit longer than she hoped...

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