When I Dream Tonight - I Want To Be An Astronaut (girl version)

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When I Dream Tonight - I Want To Be An Astronaut (girl version)

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Length: 34 pages18 minutes


This version portrays the main character a girl.

Helping youngsters deal with childhood issues can be difficult however storytelling can open a child's imagination giving them a new perspective. In this issue, the loss of a pet is approached by having the main character dream of being an astronaut. During her dream of going into space, she is helped by a friendly star who strangely enough has the same name as her pet who passed away.

During the encounter they work together to solve the dilemma and as a team they come out victorious. It is during the situation she finds out that nothing ever really passes away, they just move on to other states of existence.

The reviews show this story has been welcomed by both parents and children alike. Even if you're just looking for a heartwarming story When I Dream Tonight will fit the bill!

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