Joy for Julie

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Joy for Julie

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 42 pages36 minutes


When Julie comes home to her girlfriend B.J. and shows off her new driver’s license with her new legally changed name and gender, they have to celebrate. It’s off to the playroom they go. B.J., a handsome African-American butch, gets dressed in her leathers, and Julie, a beautiful blond with pale white skin, gets naked. B.J. lets Julie choose her favorite dildo, a red one with corkscrew ridges, and then straps her to the bondage horse, but she’s not allowed to come without permission.

Today’s a special day, B.J. just might give it... after they’ve had more fun.

Joy for Julie is a 3,000 word short story that includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only. Bonus: also includes Chapter One from Elizabeth Andre's best-selling novel, Give Me Thorns.

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