Anne's Secret Desire 2: Testing Anne

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Anne's Secret Desire 2: Testing Anne

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Length: 28 pages27 minutes


When Anne’s husband was killed in the Indian War, she sold their homestead and left that part of her life behind. Still young, she planned find a life – and love – back in the city. But the first stop of the journey showed her fate had a different plan in the guise of Cloud Runner, an Indian who started her on a journey filled with insane pleasure, exquisite pain, and secret desires beyond any fantasy she could ever have envisioned.

The second stop in her journey brings her to Cloud Runner’s home. There he shows her that their first outing was more a light initiation than a real test. This time, the bondage becomes much more extreme, the breast torment far more painful, and the desire that drives her infinitely deeper than she could ever have imagined. Yet, none of that is the real test. That comes when he leaves her in other hands, hands that make Cloud Runner’s seem gentle in comparison.

(Editor's Note: This work contains graphic language and sometimes extreme depictions of consensual female bondage and sexual sadomasochism. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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