Saint Souffrance Book 3 Of The Oracle Winchester Series

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Saint Souffrance Book 3 Of The Oracle Winchester Series

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Length: 313 pages5 hours


When death lays in wait and angels fall

After the events of Mardi Gras, Oracle Winchester wanted nothing more to get back to her normal life and routine, but that wasn’t going to happen. A phantom killer has been stalking the halls of Nola General Hospital for nearly a century and has no plans of stopping and Oracle is pulled into a centuries old curse that was still alive and well into the modern age.
Oracle has spent the last year settling into her new romance with Drake Blackthorne and delving deeper into each new erotic experience with him. How-ever, her stalker has grown bolder and more threatening to Oracle. She was on edge with every text message, every call and every gift that he left to remind her of the dark past she tried so hard to forget. Drake had also grown suspicious of her secretive behavior, especially around Ian. Her only recourse would be to tell Drake everything, but was she willing to place him in harms way by revealing the truth? But Drake was no longer the only one who wanted to know more of Oracle’s past. Victor Truman was getting closer to the truth and will expose her no matter what the cost may be.
A former flame has returned to Oracle's life and he has secrets of his own. Quinn was her saving grace at Oxford but his return could split her and Drake apart, or maybe not. Time would only tell.
Can Oracle catch the phantom stalker before he strikes again or will someone close to her become the latest victim in the long line of people she has crossed paths with?

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