One Fine Day

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One Fine Day

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It was a simple job: assist the police in solving one murder. But there were pieces that didn't fit, traces that pointed to something worse, something bigger. And by the time all the answers were there, so was the imminent choice whether or not to let the bloated and decaying city die.

New Amsterdam came to life when the first colonists washed up on the beach and called themselves a community. In the several hundred years since it had died of disease, of genocide, of sloth and self-indulgence, rebuilding after each death and recovering a new personality on the foundations of the old. Now on the cusp of another death and rebirth, it has become an ailing city of cabals and conspiracies, tempers fraying and teeth on edge, and a handful of ordinary people drowning in their own lives who never expected to be on the front lines of this war.

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