Redfish Oak

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Redfish Oak

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A white girl, a Negro boy and a young Indian warrior - how far are they willing to go?
In 1875 St. Augustine, Florida, Reconstruction is failing and race-based fear and hatred are rising. When a trainload of Plains Indians arrive to be imprisoned in the city’s Fort Marion, the once idyllic city is plunged into chaos, and three unlikely heroes emerge as allies. Nan, Lije and Boy Hunting, each for their own reasons, meet at Redfish Oak to plan battle against injustice and prejudice. Can they clear Lije's father of the murder charges he faces? And can they do what’s needed to win against the evil that is in the hearts of so many men?

"An intriguing mix of hopes, fears, and history, briskly paced and cleverly told," is what NYT bestselling author Steve Berry had to say. "As a resident of St. Augustine it was fun to read about the town in the aftermath of the War of Northern Aggression (as us southerners like to call the Civil War)."

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