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Guism: Psychical Mutations Of Homo Sapiens

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This Metaphorical Dictionary was created on the basis of the proto-language that we found. The proto-language, or as it is also called the world language, is the language of images. It is the Chinese language that is this world language, the proto-human language. The combination of images in the Chinese language coupled with its one hundred percent preservation thanks to cultural traditions of the Chinese people, which no other nation in the world has, for multiple decades allow us to turn to Chinese hieroglyphics as the proto-language, in which true meaning of any word can be found.

Why does humanity need the Metaphorical Dictionary and is it needed at all? Answers to these questions lie on the surface, as no one will deny that communication problems between people in this civilization exist. Moreover, they are so serious and neglected that in fact there is much more understanding even between representatives of the animal kingdom, who are much more primitive compared to Homo sapiens. Each person attributes his own meaning to any word; as for universal meanings—there are none. Our Metaphorical Dictionary easily solves any communication problems, or rather—it eliminates them altogether since this Dictionary is not just a collection of words and their meanings: behind every concept under consideration is an image, a picture.

Proto-language in the face of Chinese hieroglyphics not only returns true essence and meanings of basic philosophical concepts, which exist in this civilization to all of us, but also, through understanding, turns them into keys (or "drivers," whatever is preferable). These are drivers to society and its use, which very well can and should replace society’s use of all of us.

Study of all these, as we called them, "drivers" as certain management buttons gives us all not only a more complete understanding of social processes taking place around us, but also on the basis of this understanding, allows us to do more in this life (and not for society, but first of all for ourselves).

Recipes obtained from the proto-language, which we called "drivers," turn society— violator-exploiter into society—free-supermarket, where you come to take what you need and do not have to pay for it with your self-identification, freedom, health, and so on. These recipes are universal and work for absolutely anyone, who has them and uses them on practice. Try them! After all, there is nothing better than good theory, which can be successfully applied in everyday life. Would you agree?

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