Defective Stories: Volume 2

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Defective Stories: Volume 2

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We're all very thankful that you decided to check out our collection of short stories, poetry, and essays. Defective Stories has stuck around and we're proud to have this new release.

One year has passed and there's been a few changes. This issue has 4 new writers (Kyle Chronister, Nicholas Cody, Peter DeVido, and Achilles Rose), a photograph has been submitted, and a novel excerpt has been submitted. Joe didn't have a piece for Volume 2, but he's done plenty of editing behind the scenes and will be back. The new cover was also designed by artist Garret Monheim. And for the last name drop, thanks again to Ken Abru for preparing this ebook.

The work in this volume is as compelling as the last, so please don't hesitate to preview it. Don't hesitate to download the whole thing. There's no charge for this ebook, and it is absolutely worth your time.

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