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Athalinda and the Dragon's Pearl



Happiness is a journey and the wise endeavour to enjoy every moment along the way.
For the unfortunate, happiness is something one remembers.

Our choices reveal us to ourselves...

Ivan, the man Athalinda loves, has vanished without even a good-bye. Heartbroken, she sets out to seek him in the Carpathian Mountains. Eugene offers to assist her find the Dark Castle they believe Ivan is headed for. Can she trust Ivan's brother in arms to help her claim her lover back or does he too have a secret agenda ? And what has come over Anghel since falling for Sasha ?

Meanwhile, back home, the dwindling Nufreak community is rejoicing as new blood lines have been found and babies are on the way, but that is before the mysterious plague brought back from the Thar desert breaks out, threatening the whole community.
Upon her return, Athalinda finds herself once again in the eye of the hurricane, having to face yet another adversary who covets the Pearl. Crucial decisions loom as the world around her changes. Which way will her choices lead her ? Will she be wise enough to realise that her journey has already begun ?

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