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Cherokee A Collection of American Indian Legends, Stories and Fables: Legends Of The Native American Indians, #1

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Cherokee people like all other Native American Indian tribes possess a huge oral history.  Before the time of written words, the history, customs and skills of a tribe were passed down through word-of-mouth and storytelling.  Today, it is still an important part of Cherokee life.  Elder tribe members use stories to teach morals and culture to children and others while keeping a rich history alive.  Mullins who was born Cherokee, has collected these tales in the tradition of his ancestors to pass them along to a new generation.  In addition to the many stories included you will find new original art by award winning artist C.L. Hause. 

In this collection, you will find such stories as The Bear Man, How the World was Made, The Mother Bear's Song, Origin of the Bear: The Bear Songs, The Bird Tribes, The Bride from the South, The Haunted Whirlpool, The Bullfrog Lover, The Hunter and the Buzzard, The Raven Mocker, The Water Cannibals, The Origin of Medicine, The Race between the Crane & the Hummingbird, The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting, How the Deer Got His Horns, Why the Deer's Teeth are Blunt, The Deluge, Samuel Cloud Trail of Tears, The First Fire, The Lost Cherokee, Origin of Fish and Frogs, The Legend of the Cedar Tree, Flint Visits the Rabbit, Brother of the Moon, The Four-footed Tribes, How the Milky Way Came To Be, Untsaiyi' the Gambler, Why Rabbit Has a Short Tail, The Origin of Game and of Corn, The Slant-Eyed Giant, Bear Legend, Origin of the Groundhog Dance, and many, many more.

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