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Wayfarer Contentious

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Trainees arrive as Adara enters the last trimester of her second pregnancy. As a new commander, Adara delegates some of the training to the new Lieutenant Commanders, Lisa, Jack and Imani.

Mandates continue to cause unrest, invade privacy and create a hostile environment. Services personnel are unhappy with many resigning or leaving when their contracts are fulfilled.

Nancy O’Neal Finnegan arrives to review cases with the Phoenix’s investigators. Rhia is annoyed and upset by her presence. Adara is putting on a mask of polite professionalism.

In an effort to get to the core of the racial unrest, Owyn and two other fighters are sent to investigate the source of some racial unrest.

With all the turmoil, Decker and Adara are learning to cope with Addy’s growing skills. Kit has grown and continues to protect Addy.

Command station has become hostile towards almost all non-human races. After an attack, the non-humans evacuate in order to protect their people. Where will all of the turmoil and conflict lead?

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