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The Starling Chronicles - The Starlings of Ramblewood

Length: 288 pages4 hours


Fourteen year old Jules Starling has just lost her mother and met her brother Henry for the first time. Before she even has a chance to get settled into her new home at Ramblewood with Henry and their Aunt Vianne, every part of the real world they know unravels. 
When Vianne goes missing and they begin a search for her, traveling through time by accident is only the beginning of a series of unimaginable surprises and wild adventures for the Starling children. Before they know it, they are shanghaied onto a ship by a pirate and a world class crew, traveling through oceans, air, and space. 
Their new friends are a tremendous support, but the search for Vianne takes them on a dangerous quest much further than they ever dreamed they could go. Jules and Henry soon discover that they'll have to find courage, bravery, and strength in themselves and in each other if they ever hope to overcome the formidable challenges they must face and succeed.

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