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Faces in My Shower: Vol. I

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In 2016, the author became very seriously ill. Heart problems caused him to be forced to take some very strong, toxic, anti-arrhythmic medications. However, one small ‘benefit’ seemed to be that suddenly, he began to see faces staring at him in his shower. He thought; “Am I going crazy? Am I Mad? Is this dementia or was I hallucinating? Is this some kind of flashback to the 60’s?” After a while, he started looking forward to the hot, soothing showers and the opportunity to search for the faces, with a chance to relax and escape. Finally, he decided to attempt to write a book that appealed to the reader's imagination and possibly offered a time to forget all your troubles while enjoying using your mind in a different way. "Faces In My Shower - Vol. I" is the result of his effort.

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