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Wayward Son: A Camden Ranch Novel

Length: 499 pages7 hours


No matter how many times he says it, Colton Holder isn’t his name. He just can’t let the anyone in the tiny cattle ranching town of Pleasant Glen, Nebraska know who he really is.

He has a job to do. A mission he’d rather bury six feet under right along with the man who ruined his life.

Once the most sought after hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Avery Hale arrives in town determined to take over her aunt’s hair salon, get custody of her brothers, and resurrect her fall from grace.

And she’ll do it without anyone else’s help. Thank you very much.

When Colton’s eyes rake over her body, she occasionally forgets her family’s world is resting on her shoulders.

He wants to help her almost as much as he wants to take her to his bed to teach her how to ride wild-cowgirl style.

She wants to hear that low, rumbled drawl whisper scandalous things in her ears and to feel his rope-worn hands on her skin.

He wants her submission.

She longs to give it.

He would do anything for her.

Until she requires the one thing he simply cannot give. His identity.

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