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How To Live in Daily Deliverance

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Anointed daily living
One of the worst hindrances to anointed writing or other work comes from enemy attacks. Another comes from temptations to the flesh. But the worst one is not hearing the voice of the Lord clearly.
This little booklet shows you how to have victory in all these areas. This will enable the Lord to transform the people to whom you minister, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
This powerful teaching results from over forty years of learning, studying, and daily practice in overcoming the enemy.
Of course, the actual practice is fraught with procrastination, oblivion, and the harried nature of modern people working in the world…Satan's social, cultural, political, economic, and entertainment system. The fact that we have complete freedom from it stands in the face of our personal realities.
This only testifies to the world’s effectiveness…while recognizing our human limitations (which we foolishly allow).

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