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The Money Code and How To Crack It!: Everyday Lessons to Master the Mindset, Making, Maintenance and Multiplying of Money

Length: 114 pages1 hour


It’s time to change your money life!That’s right –You want your money situation to be drastically different, but you just don’t know how to make that happen.You’ve worked hard, and still never seem to get a handle on how money flows in and out of your life.At times, you feel stuck or even hopeless, but you’re ready for a NEW NORMAL.Well, you’re not alone...In this book, you will find EVERYDAY, game-changing money insight so YOU can change things now.Get the tools you need to uproot the limiting beliefs that have kept you:Ashamed of your money situationAfraid of lackHeld hostage by money mythsAnd stuck with bad habits that get you nowhereSo say goodbye to fear, bouts with scarcity and lack, and get the help you need to change things NOW.Click the BUY NOW button to get this book today.

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