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Pieces of Trouble

Length: 205 pages2 hours


Paul Trouble, former elite soldier and retired spy master, is Strom Industries’ troubleshooter and fixer for dodgy situations, still recoving from the aftershocks of losing his left hand. He is the accountant you want to have by your side when bullets and knives replace Excel spreadsheets and paper staplers. Read the full length novels TROUBLESHOOTER, TROUBLEMAKER, and TROUBLESEEKER for his regular troubleshooting adventures.
The four novellas in this collection show faces of Paul Trouble you have not seen before:
Fast Trouble: Paul Trouble and his trusted young sidekick Tom Chan need to solve a Strom Industries corporate issue in Brazil during a short stop-over.
Private Trouble: Paul as a cocky young Marine helping out his girlfriend after a robbery.
A Trouble Termination: Paul is back on the job after he lost his left hand to the hammer-blows of mad arms-dealer Picard. A Parisian operation tests his operational skills to the limits.
Trouble at Christmas: Trouble will find Paul during his Christmas vacations back home in Montana, reconnecting him with a life he thought he had left behind twenty years ago.

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