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From Layoff to Take-Off: 31 Practical Concepts to Make a Meaningful Transition after a Layoff

Length: 156 pages1 hour


Have you or someone you know ever experienced a layoff? Do you remember how you felt when you first learned of the layoff? Does anger, emptiness, sadness, or fear ring a bell? While a layoff is never a positive outcome of your work efforts, there is hope in the aftermath of a layoff. And, that hope lies within you and those around you. This book presents practical concepts and ideas you can apply today to make a successful transition in the aftermath of a layoff. My inspiration for this book is to get you started on the path to pursuing the next chapter of your work life journey – one filled with clear thought, renewed passion, more joy and greater success. This book presents a glimpse into the chaotic business world as seen through the eyes of characters who, like you, are ordinary people trying to deal with real work life challenges. This book shares practical concepts and ideas designed to help bring deeper meaning to the pursuit of finding the next job in the aftermath of a layoff. In addition, there are numerous personal challenges throughout the book to help you apply the practical concepts discussed. These probing questions and activities are designed to kick-start your thought process. Your commitment to complete the personal challenges will enhance your ability to overcome the layoff and make a transition into a new opportunity in the work life journey. There are no guarantees in life. Therefore, we must learn from the past, embrace the present and prepare for the future. I encourage you to take a journey through the minds of the characters portrayed and the concepts discussed. They represent the spirit of making a meaningful transition “From Layoff to Take-off” – rising to the challenge to continue the work life journey.

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