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Where The Black and Grey Wolves Kiss, Book Two: The Sabienn Feel Adventures

Length: 357 pages5 hours


In his quest to seek the mysterious missing stone, the occult item sought to ensure victory in war, Sabienn Feel journeys with his three companions to the island of Cajj Cajj.
The island is to be invaded as a result of an event that has yet to occur and is currently being held by the Turrs, a people Sabienn has always been at variance with.
In his endeavours, he needs to work closely with these people for his mission to succeed. He knows he dislikes the Turrs. But is he capable of falling in love with one?

Where The Black and Grey Wolves Kiss is the second of twelve books in the Sabienn Feel Adventures.

Interview with the Author

Q - What inspired you to write The Sabienn Feel Adventures?

A – I’ve always loved the idea of the epic journey. I’m acquainted with the book Journey to the West but was more familiar with the TV series in the 80’s based on the book called Monkey. The idea of four souls travelling across a wide expanse of geography to complete a quest appealed to me. So I planned a series of twelve books to go from one place in the south of this space colony that they live on twice removed from Earth, to end up in the north, meeting danger at every turn.
Q – Why does your main character Sabienn Feel grow wings?

A - Good question. I wanted something very drastic to occur to these people physically. Something that would be difficult to hide and offer an immediate prejudice. The idea of growing wings constantly came up for me. There’s a Pearl Jam song I found inspiring that says, “And sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky. A human being that was given to fly”. And in my mind’s eye, I could see this figure. Almost like the Led Zeppelin Icarus logo but with bat wings. But they couldn’t fly otherwise they’d hit the sky and the journey would be over in no time. I made them only able to swim because being submerged in water has elements of dealing with the subconscious. To me it satisfies all elements of those prophecy, fantasy, epic adventure type of stories that involve friendship and brotherhood.

Q - So, why should readers give these books a try?

A – Well I would say they were humour-filled, page-turning, epic, fantasy adventure novels which involve a quest. But then that’s what you would expect me to say. Why not try and read one of the books and let me know what you think? Some of the books are free so you’ve got nothing to lose.
Sorry if that sounded a little flippant. I’m immensely grateful that anyone is reading my books. And hopefully I can make them the best stories possible for my magnificent readers.

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